Save Big on Your Premiums

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We can help you save a considerable amount of money on your auto policy. Here are the basic discounts most insurers offer.

Safe Driver Incentives

Safe driving is one way to get cheap auto insurance rates. Most insurers offer substantial discounts for the following:

  • No accidents or moving violations for the past three to five years. This will vary by insurer, but most insurers offer affordable pricing options to those who have gone without an accident or a moving violation for three to five years (depending on the company).
  • Defensive driver. Some companies allow you to qualify for savings if you are a senior (age 55 or older) who has taken an approved defensive driving course.

Savings for Safe Cars

Certain safety features on your vehicle could qualify you for affordable premiums. Such features might include:

  • Passive restraints. If your car has factory-installed motorized seatbelts or airbags, you could qualify for this deal.
  • Anti-lock brakes. This type of brake system could save you money.
  • Anti-theft devices. Certain devices such as these might allow you to receive lower premiums.

Other Discounts

Many other discounts exist that could enable you to receive cheap auto insurance rates, such as:

  • Good student
  • Multiple-policies
  • 55 and retired
  • Senior citizen
  • Economy car